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Have you seen the new Victorian Fire Services guideline for alternative solutions?

Thursday, February 17th, 2011

Give me 5, the Guidelines are here! (image courtesy of CFA Pix)

They have been a long time in the making. Congratulations to both the CFA and MFESB. The benefit of this extensive preparation has been that NSW, Queensland and New Zealand have all had a turn at a similar guideline. The Building Regulations Blog has reviewed all these documents in detail with our associate Paul Verheijden from Integrated Fire Services. The Victorian Fire Services document seems to be the best yet!

The guideline gives the Fire Safety Officers at the CFA and the Officers in Structural Fire Safety at the MFESB a good solid line in the sand to work from and back to. The clear policy positions will make providing information to clients much easier. But it does have some issues. The Building Regulations Blog considers these to be minor details that will be worked out over time. Here are the guidelines. (more…)

So you have a Section J DTS variation for your building permit?

Monday, December 27th, 2010