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For a building permit can your building surveyor prepare and submit an application to the fire brigade?

Wednesday, September 29th, 2010

Inspector Bernie Cinders of the NSWFB

A consent application to the fire brigade for a building permit is a regulation 309 consent in Victoria, Australia

This issue causes some consternation (maybe heart burn) amongst building surveyors, probably depending upon whether they regularly apply to the fire brigades for consents for fire safety matters or not? Some building surveyors point to Schedule 2 of the Building Act 1993 and rely on interpretations about the relevant building surveyor (RBS) “making” the application, others interpret the schedule to the contrary.

Unless exempted by this Schedule, the relevant building surveyor must give a copy of an application to each reporting authority within the prescribed time after the application is received by the relevant building surveyor (Clause 4 sub-clause 2 of Schedule 2). The relevant building surveyor need not obtain a report or consent from a reporting authority(Clause 5 sub-clause 3 of Schedule 2).

This particular clause goes on to deal with the applicant for the permit applying for the consent. So which way you see it relates to whether it’s design or not? Perhaps this is all a bit academic – so let’s consider a possible scenario: (more…)

For a building permit can a Building Surveyor ask you to do more than the DTS in the BCA?

Tuesday, September 14th, 2010