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How many levels above ground can an external fire hydrant serve with a building permit?

Monday, November 8th, 2010

Image courtesy of Standards Australia

We all have rules of thumb we follow. Whether it’s an urban myth that works or the advice of someone we trust. Whether it’s an unusual project or we are just having an off day – sometimes we question these rules of thumb. Joe Zita, an associate of ours at Approval Systems mentioned to Building Design Compliance this  issue. Joe was on the money from the outset, but it took a couple of run throughs of the standard before we were convinced.

The “urban myth” that you can only provide external hydrant coverage to one level above the access level (typically the ground level) comes from this diagram above (Fig from AS2419.1-2005. The note to the diagram only serves to  reinforce the “urban myth”. It says “Due to difficulties associated with fighting building fires, internal fire hydrants are required in fire-isolated stairs for levels more than one floor below ground and one or more levels above ground.”

Our understanding of the notes to these diagrams is that they provide guidance and are informative only. The must is in the text which says: (more…)

Does a sub-duct comply under the Building Regulations 2006?

Monday, May 31st, 2010