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What are the key requirements of the access to premises standards for a building permit?

Wednesday, March 9th, 2011

Image courtesy of HREOC

The media release on the HREOc website notes that “some of the major changes from the current BCA requirements [in the new Access to Premises Standards] will include:

  • Increases in the number of accessible entrances and doorways to buildings.
  • Increases in circulation space requirements in most places such as in lifts, accessible toilets and at doorways.
  • Some improvements in signage in relation to accessible facilities.
  • The introduction of a requirement for passing and turning spaces on passageways in some situations.
  • Increases in the areas covered by hearing augmentation systems in rooms with a built in PA system.
  • Improvements in the types of lifts usable and access features within lifts.
  • Improvements in the number and distribution of accessible spaces in cinema and theatres.
  • The introduction of access requirements to certain common areas in new apartment blocks in which there is one or more short term rent units.
  • The introduction of requirements for accessible facilities in new or upgraded accommodation such as bed and breakfast or cabins in holiday parks.
  • Increased requirements for accessible units in hotels and motels.
  • The introduction of requirements for access into public swimming pools where the perimeter of the pool is greater than 40 metres.
  • Significant increases in the number and location of unisex accessible toilets and the introduction of ‘ambulant accessible cubicles’ in standard toilets.”

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Monday, November 8th, 2010