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Do you need directional exit signs in buildings less than 300 m2?

Wednesday, August 11th, 2010

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One of our less experienced staff read a clause to me today which highlighted sometimes we read what we think we see rather than what a clause actually says. It also highlights the danger of rules of thumb.

The issue relates to the use of directional exit signs in buildings under 300m2. Clause E4.6 of the Deemed to Satisfy provisions of the Building Code of Australia says:

If an exit is not readily apparent to persons occupying or visiting the building then exit signs must be installed in appropriate positions in corridors, hallways, lobbies, and the like, indicating the direction to a required exit.

It does not say for example if an exit sign over an exit is not readily apparent. It says if an exit is not readily apparent. In a small building less than 300m2 that does not require emergency lighting and therefore has no exit signs over the required exit doors (Clause E4.5 d) you could still end up with illuminated directional exit signs.

We were looking at a building permit application today where a small corridor, maybe 10m long, which had 6 doors opening from it, none of which was an exit door. Not quite the corridor above from the Matrix, but it may take a whilst to work out which was the door to a path of travel to an exit if you were disorientated. The building was (a single storey and) less than 300m2, but because of Clause E4.5 d would (as new work or an alteration) require an illuminated directional exit sign over one of the doors leading to a path of ravel to a required exit.

A building permit for 22 steps in one flight …?

Saturday, May 15th, 2010