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For building permits is Energy Efficiency the driver or the Energy Rating Software?

Tuesday, September 14th, 2010

Image courtesy of Science Daily

Is this what green modelling looks like?

We have had Architect clients refer to Energy Efficiency, in particular the use of energy rating software, as a black art (maybe Fire Safety Engineering does not qualify as a black art anymore? It’s just smoke and mirrors!)

There is a possible reality gap with energy consumption calculated for approved designs that have been modeled versus actual energy usage in occupied buildings.

One of the best articles we have read on this issue is an article in Australian Building Regulation. In an interview on the issue Phil Wilkinson, AIRAH’s new CEO, comments on some of the key assumptions made in the current software programs relate to:

  1. Proper commissioning of the systems;
  2. Construction of the building to reduce infiltration; and
  3. Maintenance of the building.

Building on these comments Phil provides some key advice on the implications of these assumptions and what needs to be done to ensure energy efficient design. (more…)

3 reasons why the Energy Efficiency provisions for the Building Regulations and BCA cause us .. frustration!

Thursday, July 1st, 2010